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We are at your disposal when it comes to taking over the IT services of your company.
Our offer includes comprehensive service and IT services
Each client is treated individually, thanks to which we are able to provide the highest quality of service.
All questions regarding our offer and related fees
you can obtain it by sending us information by e-mail: or by calling the telephone number: (32) 7203681

We deal with IPv6 implementations at IPS operators and corporate networks.
We help in obtaining IPv6 resources from LIRs cooperating with us.
We implement comprehensive routers that support IPv6.
All questions regarding our offer and related fees
you can obtain it by sending us information by e-mail: or by calling: (32) 7203681

We have many years of experience in IT services
network operators – we encourage you to view our Portfolio.
We are able to provide technical support in the field of:
– Configuration and optimization of network devices
– Cisco / Juniper
– 3Com / Nortel
– Motorola / Linksys
– Dlink / Mikrotik (Embedded Platforms)
– Software configuration and optimization
– Linux (NAT/BGP/OSPF/VLAN/QoS/Firewall)
– Vyatta
– Mikrotik (Software)
We also offer design support in the field of network construction
In addition, we provide our customers with access to attractive prices for network equipment
If you have any additional questions, please send them to email: or by phone at (32) 7203681

If you have any questions about configuring or optimizing your network devices, please ask.
Our technicians will help you solve the problems you have encountered while configuring or optimizing your network devices.

We have many years of experience in creating networks based on the technology:
– Ethernet / Gigabit ethernet / 10 Gigabit ethernet
– WiFi / 2.4GHz / 5GHz / WiMAX
– QinQ / VLAN

We also have many years of experience in implementing all kinds of network devices. By matching them to the existing or new network infrastructure.
We will help you solve any design problem and choose the right ones
network devices with the required technical parameters to meet specific assumptions.

If you are a network operator, you are obliged to log ip traffic generated by customers
Due to the fact that we have been cooperating with network operators from the very beginning of our company’s existence, we have a ready-made solution for logging client ip traffic and archiving it in an appropriate way, enabling later access to the required information.

The solution is fully compatible with the requirements set by UKE.
When it comes to scalability – a version that allows logging ip traffic at 10Gbit/s Ethernet speeds is currently being developed.
It is also possible to divide the logged traffic on several devices logging in, which allows to achieve logging efficiency X*10Gbit/s – where X is the number of devices used to log IP traffic.

We also offer support in the administration of servers based on the Linux operating system.
Our technicians have the appropriate LPIC certificates, thanks to which we are able to provide the highest quality of the service provided to you.
If you have any further questions, please contact:
phone: (32) 7203681 / 609911040

Due to the fact that currently most companies and institutions cannot function without access to the Internet
We offer an audit of the security level of your network.
During the audit, we check:
– Security of installed software on workstations
– Security level of workstations
– Security level of servers working in the company
– Security of installed software on servers
– Security level of network devices
– Security level of access devices
– Security in the form of emergency power supply
– Protection of stored data of type (backup)
After the audit, we prepare a security assessment report along with guidelines on how to increase it.
If the service of increasing security is performed by our company, we issue a security certificate (certification security levels – I/II/III/IV and V).
If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Our offer includes individual training in the field of:
– Network administrator (basics)
– Installing and configuring the Linux system (system startup / startup processes)
– Security configuration ( iptables )
– Configuration of startup processes ( runlevel’s / udev )
– Basics of Linux configuration ( Routing IP / Bridge )
– Basics of Linux configuration (NAT / QoS)
– Installation and configuration of additional applications (apache / squid / mysql / other)
– Network administrator (advanced)
– Selected issues by the company / person ordering the training.
In the case of training for advanced administrators, the issues related to the training are determined individually according to needs.

Integration of systems based on Supermicro platforms.

Software design for embedded systems based on Linux.

Help in accessing local “IX” data exchange nodes.

Help in obtaining an AS/PI number in RIPE.

Help and consultancy in migration to IPv6.

Installation and startup of Linux operating as a network router (Plain/BGP/OSPF/NAT/IPv6/VPN/VLAN).